Bridging the Gap to help visual and performing artists
share the healing power of the arts
our community.
We always need the arts in our lives.

Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Workshops, 9/11...NYC...The Days After...

Happy Birthday Art for Healing 

May 3rd. ( Paranormal Day)

 we were 20 years old in 2020!

So I must finish my book and documentary several Europeans and NYC ers started. Not my idea.   :)

 "Essence of an Artist: Follow YOUR Dream. 

Auto-Bio by Loren Ellis: Her Art, Poetry and Life." 

and a chapter of course on Loren's baby: 

Art for Healing NYC Int'l org. !! 

Here is a lovely present from a long time volunteer still with us. 

Stay strong and with positive thoughts. 

Keep making art, music, dance, poems and everything you want to do!   

ONLINE Auction 


MAKE AN OFFER!  Starting Bids $40 for most works! 

Sales support our upcoming 911 NYC peace and courage arts book multimedia event.

Click on the image to the left to go to our online auction .

You can make an offer for multiple purchases. 

When: By appointment . 

Where: Hell's Kitchen, Midtown west, Manhattan 

A large selection of  mixed media Art by international artists donated to our charity now for Best OFFER!  

Funds raised from the sale will support AfH arts workshops and AfH  911 peace and courage arts book multimedia event: Live Music, readings and more! this coming September. Location and some performers will be posted soon. 

Our original, mixed media art donations have been kindly donated from Artists’ estates, bank and insurance company collections, private collections, interior designers, and artists. Thank you for your kind support. 

Above Art work:  by the late NYC artist Evelyn Metzger. Her coffee table book is below on this page. 


September date to be scheduled soon! Stay tuned. 

Special September 11,  event guests: David Grand PhD, who has helped 911 survivors and more, will introduce his play," I Witness" collaboraton with 

June Rachelson-Ospa . David will also speak about his book about his breakthrough of trauma healing method, Brainspotting. Click on the above names to go to their websites.

Brainspotting is an innovative psychotherapy that heals trauma through using our eye-brain connection. 


Hard cover coffee table book $FREE

with a purchase of any art works. (while supply lasts)

Coffee table arts book published by the 

Museum of Women Artists in Wash. DC. 

Brand new hard cover or soft cover book. 

Great Unique Gift too!

Karlin Uretsky charcole nudes on Italian paper 1980's ( late NYC artist )

 Collection of 150ish  beautiful female nude large charcoal drawings on Italian Fabriano Paper  average sizes are 40 in x 26" (101.6 cm x66 cm)  mid 1970's thru early 1980's

Click here or on image  to visit  the Urestsky portfolio. 

Questions?  Please Contact: Loren Ellis 

artist and founder 

            (212) 946-1160  

                       to visit the gallery to see the wonderful originals.


                        Ask about our bulk purchase prices. 



Midtown West.- Manhattan 

Contact: Loren Ellis to make an appointment  

to visit our gallery 

(212) 946-1160 or 

Please call Loren or go to the PayPal  Donation Button on top of this page to make a donation . 

All donations are tax deductible! 

                                                              Please Give and support Art for Healing. 


Loren Ellis.M.F.A. artist and founder of AfH ( left ) and late  Uka Urshoy poet,architect and curator at AfH Gallery here. 
A short 5 min video of Art for Healing NYC Int'l org mission 
and some visual and performing arts projects over the years. 

 Below are just a few samples of the art works 
we have for sale that were kindly donated to AfH by estates,
 banks, and insurance companies, and artists themselves. Thank you all for your support!

All Cash, trust and stock donations are tax deductible.

Happy Birthday 19 years old !

Art for Healing NYC Int'l org. ! 

May 3rd, 2019 is 19 years old ! 

Contact us to learn how to get involved!



Meditation is a simple and practical way to clarity and peace in your life!

By adding just a few minutes of meditation to your daily routine, you will refresh, recharge and rejuvenate. It will change the way you feel inside and the way you relate to others.

A Past Event but important to continue the message! 

Ceres Gallery 

For more information about other art exhibitions and artists opportunities contact:
Susan Grabel 

547 West 27th Street Suite 201 

New York, NY 10001 

phone: 212-947-6100 

PAST EVENT: Subject and awareness is ongoing. 

Special Event : Don't Shut Up!- Stop Women Abuse

Snug Harbor Cultural Center                   Staten Island 

Art Lab Gallery  building H 
1000 Richmond Terrace , Staten island NYC 
Take the S.40 bus from the SI ferry and only a 5 min bus ride. 

Friday March 23rd  at 7:00
Panel discussion and  Powerpoint presentation of work by 60+ artists focused on raising women's voices.
with a new panel: 
Lori Honor, Shereese A. Mullings and Julienne Verdi.                                        


LAST March was a big success. Let's keep celebrating. 

March is Women's History Month program:

 Don't Shut Up - STOP Women Abuse

Panel Discussion, organized by Susan Grabel, and Powerpoint presentation of work by 60+ artists focused on raising women's voices.

Ceres Gallery 

547 West 27th Street Suite 201 

New York, NY 10001 

phone: 212-947-6100 

Don't Shut Up! -Stop Women Abuse

The Lady and Herself : OFF her  Pedestal   by Loren Ellis 

Click on image or text to Loren's personal website. 

Part of the 60 plus artists powerpoint presentation on

 March 23rd 2018  7 P.M.

at the Art Lab Gallery 

 showing their art about women abuse.

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