Bridging the Gap to help visual and performing artists
share the healing power of the arts 

with our community.

We all need the arts in our lives!  

Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Workshops, 9/11...NYC...The Days After...

 BULK Art SALE Portfolio purchase  

( breaks down to less then $100 per original mixed media art work! ) 

Tax Deductible when set up in the right way!

Click on the image to the right ( paint on paper by Australian artist Cheryl Davison)  to view the Bulk Sale Art Portfolio or use the link below the image. 

YOUR Favorite Charity can profit from the sales too!

We share a % of profit of sales with your favorite charity.

 The % is based on the venue. Let's discuss. 

Contact: Loren Ellis,  artist and founder of Art for Healing NYC Org.

(212) 946-1160 or email: 

Karlin Uretsky late NYC artist  -  Collection of 160ish  beautiful female nude large charcoal drawings on Italian Fabriano Paper  average sizes are 40 in x 26in, 101.6 cm x66 cm,  mid 70's thru early 80's

$3000. 00 for the collection of 165ish  ( about $20.00 each!)

Offer is Time limited! 

Click on image, or here to see the portfolio.  

Art for Healing NYC Org. Online ART Auction 

The art is priced at super low prices to help young people to start collecting original art! 


We share the sale of our online auction sales with your favorite charity. 

Please contact us to sign up! When your supporters for your org. buy our art works, we share the profit ! A win/win for all.  

Click here  or on the painting to the left 

of a Woman crocheting in Central Park, NYC oil on board by the late NYC artist Evelyn Metzger  to go to Evelyn Metzger collection of oil on board. 

BUY NOW is for the BULK SALE purchase  ( breaks down to less then $100 per art work!) 

Contact Loren Ellis with directions of purchasing per art work. 

To view our BULK SALE PACKAGE: contact us. 

Just to Visit the Gallery you get a FREE Art Book : 

email: Loren Ellis at or call (212) 946-1160 

to make an appointment to visit our W. 50th St. Manhattan Gallery. 

JUST for Visiting our Gallery in Midtown  Manhattan

you receive a FREE 

 coffee table new hard cover art book of the Life of late artist Evelyn Metzger

published by the Museum of Women in the Arts in Wash. DC. ! 

Support your local charity! When your charity sends people to our web site or posts our art sale on their site, and one of their supporters buys a Cluster of Art work, we share a profit of sale % with your favorite charity! 

The % shared is based on the venue. Let's discuss! 

A win win for all. 

Art for Healing NYC Org Gallery:

Midtown West - Manhattan 

by appointment,


or call (212) 946-1160 


Art for Healing NYC Org  has decided to do a bulk sale of our entire donated art collection at a super low prices. We will honor all the donors of our collection on our web site, giving publicity to all artists and dealers if desired.

 ( which breaks down to less then $100/ piece of art. 

We need to sell our entire donated art collection to make room and time again to offer our visual and performing arts workshops with children, the elderly and USA Veterans. We offer consultation to artists, free usage of our Hell's Kitchen Manhattan gallery, ongoing readings and outreach of our 911 book, meditation sessions with art, and more! Please visit our web site Calendar for our Meditation Session information and 911 book reading schedule. 

By selling the collection, we will have funds to continue our free programs.

Please Pass the word to a friend who is interested in purchasing one of the clusters of original art work to support our org. Partially Tax Deductible!

Art for Healing NYC Org is a not-for-profit charity based in Hell’s Kitchen of Manhattan. We are fortunate to have had large donations of artwork donated to our organization from estates of late artists, insurance company, an interior designer, and a bank. Our 2016 goal is to SELL OUT all of our donated art ( we sold most in our collection in a huge auction in Philadelphia last summer).  

The funds raised from this art sale will help us continue our visual and performing arts workshops. our 911 music performance and readings, free consultation to writers, visual and performing artists, and free gallery usage in our little brownstone Manhattan Gallery.  Our collection is very eclectic. All artwork is original and in excellent condition. 

Selling art is a full-time job and Art for Healing NYC Org. is not a commercial gallery. That being said, we not only need buyers for the collection, we are in need of publicity and outreach to the community to share this great and unique offer of art.

Please support our charity and your favorite charity too:

  1. Forward this information to a friend who writes for a newspaper/magazine and would like to write about our unique situation;
  2. Post our offer and link us to your website, Facebook, and other social media sites;
  3. Help us sell! We offer a commission to anyone who sells a bulk of our artwork;
  4. Help your favorite charity and have them email our information to their Board Members and donors. Have your board members purchase the collection and donate to your hospital or nursing home. We share the funds raised by your charity to support their organization. It’s a win/win for all.

Any ideas? Whoever helps us sell the collection receives a $$ commission!

Please contact Loren Ellis to meet and discuss! Loren can be reached at or by phone (212) 946-1160.