Bridging the Gap to help visual and performing artists
share the healing power of the arts
our community.
We always need the arts in our lives.

Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Workshops, 9/11...NYC...The Days After...

AfH offers interactive programs,  such as visual and performing art classes, readings, meditation with the use of art techniques, healing with colors and video screenings. Community Outreach programs are held for professional artists and those who are interested with little or no experience. We offer free consultation to visual and performing artists.

 Artists please contact us to volunteer to teach your visual or performing art specialty.

It is not important in life to be rich and famous, but to live life to one’s fullest and follow one’s dreams as best one can. This is true success. This is not only the opening statement in the video documentary "A Tiny Voice-at 100 Years Old" I produced with the late George Lamboy of Regal Entertainment. It is about a 100 year old Hungarian artist/photographer who created art until the age of 99. This message of one’s ultimate goal should not be based on being rich and famous, but to grow and learn through life’s lessons and journeys is also part of the message we hope artists understand through their involvement with Art for Healing NYC Int'l org.

Artists are asked ‘How do you want to use Art for Healing NYC Int'l org.  to help your project become or progress?”

I founded Art for Healing NYC Int'l Org as a sort of an umbrella, to guide, protect and encourage artists to perform their role in society as teachers, to show and inspire a higher level of perception of life to all human beings, no matter their race, religion, age, or professional background. After 9/11 there was a record attendance to galleries and museums. I believe that whatever profession we choose, that exposure to the arts, and to be involved in the arts at any level enriches one’s life.

When one is healed spiritually, one can heal mentally and physically. 


Art, the windows to the soul; no past, present or future, white light brings hope, creativity, healing, and a quiet peace.

" A Tiny Voice" video documentary of an artist/photographer at 100 years of age. (cover inageThoroughbred in Motion

It is not important in life to be rich and famous, but to live life to one’s fullest and follow one’s dreams as best one can as Paula did as interviewed here at 100 years of age. 

This is true success. 

Loren Ellis,M.F.A.

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