Bridging the Gap to help visual and performing artists
share the healing power of the arts 

with our community.

We all need the arts in our lives!  

Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Workshops, 9/11...NYC...The Days After...


Art for Healing NYC Org featured at the Staten Island Ferry!

Thank you David for your continued support with AfH September zipper ad! : 
David Rampulla David J. Rampulla, General Sales Manager, 


NBC Interview of Art for Healing's 911 Peace and Courage book with director Loren Ellis and Kama Linden singer/songwriter whos lyrics are  included in our book. Back drop here Connie Lampen's print donation .

Art for Healing NYC Org on CNN en Español featuring Angelo Romano, Ted Walner and Loren Ellis.

911 book reading at Fountain House International Manhattan. Thank you for creating this historic video of a special 911 reading and music event. 

911 Book reading and live music of the lyrics in our peace and courage book. 

Read from our book and bring a one page poem you wrote to share! 


Spuyten Duyvil Library New York Public Library

650 West 235th St. Bronx, N.Y. 10463.  The 

Wheelchair access