Bridging the gap to help visual and performing artists share the 

healing power of their art with our community. 
We all need the arts in our lives!

Bringing peace, enjoyment and the understanding 
through artistic participation.

Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Workshops, 9/11...NYC...The Days After...


Hell's Kitchen Festival Artists at our Non Profit Gallery!  Click here or on image to go to art at our gallery! 

  • Franco Fusari, drawing on paper
    Franco Fusari, drawing on paper
  • Loren Ellis,photopainting non-digital
    Loren Ellis,photopainting non-digital
  • Paula Wright, Einstien 1946
    Paula Wright, Einstien 1946
  • Sabina Szafrankowska mixed media
    Sabina Szafrankowska mixed media
  • Jo Jo Austria, mixed media on paper
    Jo Jo Austria, mixed media on paper
  • Loren Ellis photograph
    Loren Ellis photograph
Franco Fusari, drawing on paper
Franco Fusari, drawing on paper

 Click here or  on the image above to view art our gallery on W. 50th St. NYC 

Late NYC artist Karlin Uretsky charcoal on Fabriano Italian paper. 

$3500. 00 for the collection of 165ish

 ($21 ish for each drawing)

Offer is Time limited! 

CLICK here or on the image to go to the portfolio.

Art for Healing NYC Org is a not-for-profit charity based in Clinton (Hell’s Kitchen) midtown west Manhattan. We are fortunate to have had large donations of artwork donated to our organization from estates of late artists, banks and an insurance company. Our goal is to SELL OUT in BULK Sales our collection of original mixed media of art, to make space again to continue our arts workshops. 

Help your favorite charity and have them email our information to their Board Members and donors. We share % the funds raised by your charity to support their organization. It’s a win/win for all. The % is based depending on the venue. Let's discuss!

Please contact Loren Ellis to meet and discuss! Loren can be reached at or by phone (212) 946-1160


Artworks are currently being edited into clusters for bulk sales. 

Below  Ofer Wolberger photograph "Cleansing Pool" 80 x 48" is our most recent donation. Valued at $10,000 we are taking BEST OFFER!

Good News! 

Art for Healing NYC Org received this incredible donation of an origial mural size framed photograph by

famous photographer Ofer Wolberger!

Value of the "Ceansing Pool" 80 x 48" beautifully framed in a black frame: $10,0000

We are willing to sell for BEST OFFER!

The funds raised from the sale help Art for Healing NYC Org continue our arts workshops, free consultation to artists, and ongoing 911 event book readings from our 2011 publication of " 911.NYC...The Days After" peace and courage NYC book. 

Please spread the word of this unique and great offer. A win/Win for all. 

Please contact Loren for Ofer Wolberger  resume and exhibition record. 


Loren Ellis artist and founder 

Angelo Romano's mixed media huge donated collection for sale. 

Link to the art work that was at Material culture. click here or on the photo to the right to see portfolio.  

Late Artist Evelyn Metzger oil on board
approx 25 x 36" 
Click Here or on image to the left to see our portfolio of her works for sale.