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the healing power of the arts with the community.

Bringing peace, enjoyment and the understanding 
through artistic participation.

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Art on the Terrace Gallery

Staten Island Creative Community Arts Group

776 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, N.Y. 10301


Exhibition through July 10th

Gallery Hours:

Thursday and Friday 2- 8 P.M.

Saturday Sunday noon- 6 P.M. 

Visit their website to come to other free events at the gallery! 


Art and Music near the Ferry 

July 30th. 

More information on 


Wheel Chair accessible . 

Karlin Uretsky late NYC artist  -  Collection of 160ish  beautiful female nude large charcoal drawings on Italian Fabriano Paper  average sizes are 40 in x 26in, 101.6 cm x66 cm,  mid 70's thru early 80's

$3500. 00 for the collection of 150ish  ( about just $20.00 each!)

Offer is Time limited! 

Click here or on the image to go to the portfolio. 

Please Contact: Loren Ellis 

artist and director 

(212) 946-1160  

to visit the gallery to see the wonderful originals.

"Cleansing Pool" 

Kindly donated to Art for Healing NYC Org. 

80" x 48" mural size framed photograph 

Value $10,000

by Ofer Wolberger 

Art for Healing NYC Org. considering


To make an offer, or to stop by the gallery to see the original,

Please contact: Loren Ellis 

artist and director

(212) 946-1160 

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Art for Healing NYC Org 

Learn how to share the funds raised from the sales of our art collection 

with your favorite charity! 

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Art for Healing NYC Org. Gallery

W. 50th St. NYC ( just W. of 9th Ave. )

or buy art and 911 books online.

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Art work to the left: paint on paper by Cheryl Davison Australian artist.

Sales of the art work supports our visual and performing arts workshops, 911 book events and readings, consultation to artists and more.   
Below are just a few samples of the art works we have for sale that were kindly donated to AfH by estates , banks, and insurance companies, and artists themselves. Thank you all for your s

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